Greetings From the Passel House

My name is Laurie Guess and you’re probably wondering where I got the name, ‘Passel House’. Reading to my children was a favorite past time when they were growing up. Many of the settings included houses and farms which had names. Added to that was a house we passed on walks and bike rides named ‘Sleepy Hollow’, so we decided to name our house on an acre and a quarter ‘Passel House’ because I had a passel (not herd or flock) of kids (10 to be exact!) It stuck!

Seeing plants grow, bud, flower, or produce fruit is such a balm to the soul, that I’d frequently go outside for a bit of peace and quiet amongst the plants growing in my garden. My kids rarely followed as they were afraid they’d end up weeding! Not a favorite activity. I’ve even resorted to paying to weed: $1/row. Now to me a garden was vegetables (at least at the beginning). as my children grew, I dappled in flowers a bit more, so you’ll probably see and hear more about veggies then flowers.

My kale and cabbage plants snug as a bug under their row cover. Ready for 27° this Friday night! 5/8/20

I wanted to show you a picture of my kale and cabbage plants snug a a bug under their row cover. Ready for 27° this Friday Night in Northwest Indiana!

I tried for years to use row cover , but couldn’t get it to look good. I finally broke down and bought some metal rods that bend. So easy! I definitely waste time trying to save a dime sometimes, but I do want the garden to be cost effective!

REMINDER: Be sure to cover your strawberries also as their blossoms will die at 27°

Started picking my asparagus this week! I’ve done mine in a raised bed which really helps with the weeds. My bed is 4 yrs old and I can cut for 8 weeks. It’s one of the best crops I’ve invested in. Very little work for a bountiful yield. I just fertilized this spring (I had already cut the stalks down in late fall) and added more straw.

A picture of my new baby plants under the grow light. I use the block method for starts. If some seeds don’t germinate, I don’t waste space when I transplant them in bigger containers!

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