Rooting Coleus: A Family Tradition

There’s something so satisfying about perpetuating plants, whether by planting seeds or rooting starts. I keep my coleus plants growing all winter in my sun room by rooting starts.

How to Root: Just take cuttings from your coleus. The ones with smaller and greener stems are best. If the cuttings from your plant are too woody, they won’t root well. Place them in water for a few weeks, and then be sure to pot when the roots are numerous.

The one in this picture is from my grandmother from over 50 years ago. My mom kept it going, and now my sister and I do the same. We have no cultivar name for it. It’s a connection to the past. We are using this in my daughter’s wedding flowers next week along with dried hydrangeas dyed pink. I love spray painting dried flowers for arrangements. Sometimes I spray allium in my garden after the flowers are gone. Everyone will wonder where you got that particular shade of blue!

Just look at this Schubertti Allium spray painted! And they last for years!

Back to wedding flowers. Here is our arrangement for the tables.

Cost: Spray paint! You can’t beat that!

Watch for Future Blogs:
More about Coleus Plants! (I never tire of them!)
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