Welcome to Passel House Gardens

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Greetings from Passel House Gardens! The great reversal has started. That’s what I call it when I start using my newly canned goods. I fill them up in the summer and empty them in the winter. ‘The Great Reversal’! You would think that with 10 kids grown and gone, I would have no need for…

Rooting Coleus: A Family Tradition

There’s something so satisfying about perpetuating plants, whether by planting seeds or rooting starts. I keep my coleus plants growing all winter in my sun room by rooting starts. How to Root: Just take cuttings from your coleus. The ones with smaller and greener stems are best. If the cuttings from your plant are too…

Greetings From the Passel House

My name is Laurie Guess and you’re probably wondering where I got the name, ‘Passel House’. Reading to my children was a favorite past time when they were growing up. Many of the settings included houses and farms which had names. Added to that was a house we passed on walks and bike rides named…

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