Rooting Coleus: A Family Tradition

There’s something so satisfying about perpetuating plants, whether by planting seeds or rooting starts. I keep my coleus plants growing all winter in my sun room by rooting starts. How to Root: Just take cuttings from your coleus. The ones with smaller and greener stems are best. If the cuttings from your plant are tooContinue reading “Rooting Coleus: A Family Tradition”

Greetings From the Passel House

My name is Laurie Guess and you’re probably wondering where I got the name, ‘Passel House’. Reading to my children was a favorite past time when they were growing up. Many of the settings included houses and farms which had names. Added to that was a house we passed on walks and bike rides namedContinue reading “Greetings From the Passel House”