Greetings from Passel House Gardens! The great reversal has started. That’s what I call it when I start using my newly canned goods. I fill them up in the summer and empty them in the winter. ‘The Great Reversal’!

You would think that with 10 kids grown and gone, I would have no need for a large garden and canning. However, with 16 grandkids, two foster grandkids and three more due by June, there are plenty to feed on any given day.

The cold weather has put an end to my garden except for the lettuces, spinach, and onions in the cold frames and greenhouse. I did pull a couple of turnips up when I was cleaning up as well; nothings beats a fresh picked turnip, boiled with a little salt, pepper and butter. Don’t try the grocery store ones. You have to grow them and eat them right when you pick them. It’s Delicious! In northern Indiana we can get two crops; Spring and Fall.

With the garden mostly put up (I’m still canning applesauce), and cuttings started from coleus to overwinter, there is more time for my other favorite activity. Reading! Looking up Cicero (He was mentioned in my book group selection: Confessions by Augustine), I came across a quote from him:

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” — Cicero

Well, he was right except for one major exception. Jesus Christ, a garden, and a library is all you need. Jesus is the real truth and the real reality. Cicero knows that now! I hope you do also. The true beauty of a garden shines through when you have a relationship with the one who created everything in it.

Now, this wouldn’t be a proper blog post if I didn’t share the beauty of that creation in some pictures, so here you go.

←I Grow some Herbs in pots, so I can bring them in for the winter. Just this week I cut some parsley for a marinade for salmon. There is simply nothing like fresh herbs.

I also bring in my chives. ↓

and I started basil! ↓

In December and January, they’ll need a grow light to do well. I simply use a grow light bulb in a clip-on desk lamp, so you don’t have to buy a high dollar system to get fresh herbs in the winter!

With the difficulty in finding canning lids the past few months, I know many of you did some canning! Well, let me know what you did!

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